About Us

About Us

Dr AMAR KUMAR RANA, a practioner of Indian traditional system of medicine viz. Ayurveda link seventy two years handed down from ancestral good will and having clinics in Cuttack and Bhubaneswar.

Ayurveda in modern context has become popular as it is now scientifically researched and Developed Processe adopting Produced  processed by the renowned pharmacies Ayurvedic Classical, Propreiotory ,Petant & herbal products etc. Hence Ayurvedic Medicines both preventive and curative are spreading all over India as well as be in foreign country without any adverse effects in the form of classical,Propreiotory and Patent.

Essentially Ayurveda is a Vedic age Product and its roots found in Atharvaveda. It was believed by the Hindu people as the gift of lord Dhanvantari who appeared form the charming of ocean by the two Opponents Deva and Asura. This is a myth to justify  the truth in another form.

However, Ayurveda is therefore an ancient Science having potentiality of Nature source. It is an age old practice by the interested physicians having academic qualification to research and experiments in this field of treatment.

Ayurveda literary means the science of life and it has been age old practice by learned physicians viz. Charaka,Susruta etc.

Rana Ayurveda in devoted to the cause of Hygienic welfare of the general public with minimum expenditure. Now Rana Ayurvedic medicines are available on online marketing facility.